[Mediawiki-l] how to disable the 'Go' facility?

Dan Kelley Dan.Kelley at Dal.Ca
Tue Jul 20 15:09:31 UTC 2004

My users find the "Go" button (monobook) confusing, probably because 
the title above that box is "search".  In most cases, the "Search" 
button is what folks want.

Q: is there a way to get rid of this "Go" button, or at least to make 
the default action after pressing "return" be to do a "search", instead 
of a "go"?

PS. I did some grepping in the .php files but didn't see where this was 
controlled.  Plus, if there is a flag that I can set, rather than 
hacking the .php files, then I'd like to do that, so that every time I 
upgrade I don't have to re-hack the source.

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