[Mediawiki-l] Is there a way to upload images from the commandline?

Dan Kelley Dan.Kelley at Dal.Ca
Mon Jul 19 15:33:58 UTC 2004

I have many images to upload, so the web-based method is too slow.

I'm hoping I can do the work with a shellscript instead.  (It's dozens 
of times faster to use the unix system and a good text editor to 
generate a list of filenames and content for the corresponding 
webpages, than it is to upload things one by one.)

Is there a standalone script to do this, or should I write one, based 
on the includes/SpecialUpload.php file?

Dan E. Kelley, Associate Professor                phone:(902)494-1694
Oceanography Department, Dalhousie University       fax:(902)494-2885
Halifax, Nova Scotia                         mailto:Dan.Kelley at Dal.CA
Canada B3H 4J1   http://www.phys.ocean.dal.ca/~kelley/Kelley_Dan.html
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