[Mediawiki-l] Strange Search Functionality with MediaWiki 1.3

Matt Kaufman mkaufman at thereinc.com
Mon Jul 12 21:19:08 UTC 2004


We have been using MediaWiki 1.3 on MySQL 3.x for about two weeks now and
have noticed some strange search behavior with the search button.  

We have a two pages:
	"Migrating Old Code"

When performing a search for "Migrating", the results are:
	Search results
	For query "migrating"
	No page with this exact title exists, trying full text search.
	Migration 77% (****) 

Nothing else is returned.  It says nothing about the "Migrating Old Code"
page.  At first I thought there was an issue with MediaWiki not searching
page titles, so I tried a few tests and it worked fine.  I also tried
putting the word "Migrating" in the text of other pages to see if the search
results (shown above) would change.  They did not...

Anyone have some thoughts on why this might be happening?


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