[Mediawiki-l] Smart caching

Mark Bergsma mark at nedworks.org
Wed Jul 7 14:50:01 UTC 2004

Brion Vibber wrote:

> MediaWiki includes a limited to-disk page caching option; only 
> non-logged-in hits are stored, and only for pages that aren't redirects, 
> special pages, etc.

I just tried to use this, and it seems the file cache is totally broken 
in current mediawiki 1.3.0beta4. It looks like the code is not 
maintained, probably because it is not used by wikipedia.

Basically, the file cache is never used, except when oldid is defined, 
i.e. when viewing a diff.

Also, the file cache is not useable when you have either the IP shown in 
the page header (for anonymous users), or when it is a logged in user. 
Either of this is the case on wikipedia, so it's not useable there.

Might be best to remove the code entirely then...


mark at nedworks.org

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