[Mediawiki-l] "Bad page title" error on a certain char after db, webserver upgrade

Jure Spik webdesign at carpediem.si
Wed Dec 15 14:09:12 UTC 2004

After upgrading from EasyPHP to Apache 2, mysql 4.1, head wiki, some of 
my pages from a previous installation cannot be read and throw a "Bad 
page title" error.

I thought there was an error in the migration process, but after I made 
an IW link to the non existing page "Š" ([[Š]]) I noticed this is some 
kind of a bug, either in Apache, MySQL or MediaWiki -> after saving the 
page with the link, instead of the "Š" link there was text 'Retrieved 
from " 

If i create a link to [[Šx]], the link is *shown* correctly 
(*?title=%C5_x*) , but clicking on it returns "Bad title The requested 
page title was invalid, empty, or an incorrectly linked inter-language 
or inter-wiki title" error.

On our national sl.wikipedia this same link is written as 
*?title=%C5%A0x* so, it probably has something to do with the charset... 
MySql says it is using MySQL charset: UTF-8 Unicode (utf8), while 
previously it was latin-1.

Any ideas, please?

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