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Thomas Rother t.rother at netzwissen.de
Mon Apr 26 17:12:34 UTC 2004

Hi again,
I still need help with this: How can I re-import the de messages for a 
1.2.4 wiki which was installed with $wgUseDatabaseMessages = false and 
shall now be used with $wgUseDatabaseMessages = true, but with a german UI?

Thanks, Thomas

>I have a problem with the following task (From 
>http://meta.wikipedia.org/wiki/MediaWiki_i18n) in mediawiki 1.2.4:
>2) Run maintenance/rebuildMessages.php to re-import the messages. You'll 
>have to temporarily take out the maintenance script warning in your 
>LocalSettings.php to run it, probably. It needs to be run from the 
>command line. (This'll be cleaner in 1.3.x...)
>When I start this script from the shell (php rebuildMessages.php), nothing happens, but I see no error msgs in the php log. And whats that "maintenance script warning in your LocalSettings.php"? I can't find that ...
>I have a wiki which was installed with $wgUseDatabaseMessages = false; I now switched to "true" and want to re-import the german messages into the database and then work on the user interface.
>By the way: Is there any documentation for the maintenance scripts at all? I could not find an overview about when to use which script...
>Thanks & Bye, Thommie 

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