[Mediawiki-l] Moving DB from Server without Shell?

Manuel Schmidt schmidtma at bsdhq.de
Sun Apr 25 00:24:00 UTC 2004

Hello List,
I have the mediawiki.1.2.3 installed and its running fine. Now i m
starting to add Content. But i maybe will want to switch to a new
Serverin some months.
My question now is, how hard is it to move a wiki without having a
console to the server where it runs on?
Can i just install the same version on the other server, Dump my
existing DB through PHPMyAdmin and pussh it into the new DB and have
all the Content?

Maybe this sounds silly to you, but i could not find information about
this in the mediawiki users guide.

And i want to be sure about this before i start adding content.

If there is Information about moving mediawikis from servers in the
documentaion please point me there.

Best regards,
 Manuel     mailto:schmidtma at bsdhq.de

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