[Mediawiki-l] Upload on NT server

Pedersen, Torben Bo tbp at kongskilde.com
Fri Apr 23 12:49:50 UTC 2004

Hi - I have trouble getting Mediawiki to accept file upload on a Windows NT
server with Apache, On another NT server it works fine. 

The Error is:
Could not copy file "C:/tmp/php1AA.tmp" to

The permissions on the images folder are allright, and a small homemade php
script for uploading has no trouble doing that to the folder.

I'we checked the php.ini, httpd.conf and Localsettings.php on both servers
for differences, but without finding any clues. 

I realize that I could reinstall Apache, PHP and even MySQL on the one
server, but I'd rather not, so if anyone has a few ideas what I ought to try
next, it would be appreciated.

NT Server with Upload not working
Apache 2.0.48
MediaWiki: 1.2.4 
PHP: 4.3.4 
MySQL: 4.0.18-nt 

NT server with Upload Working
Apache 2.0.43
MediaWiki: 1.2.4 
PHP: 4.3.1 
MySQL: 3.23.55-nt 

Best regards
Torben Bo Pedersen

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