[Mediawiki-l] Linux install == blank page

Mike Dickson mdickson at entechnologies.ca
Thu Apr 22 12:54:16 UTC 2004


>On Apr 21, 2004, at 14:04, Mike Dickson wrote:
>> I have run through the install process on my Debian box using the web
>> installer thing, and all I get for my troubles is a blank page...well
>> not entirely blank, it contains the following:
>>  <html><body></body></html>
>Does the page actually output that, or is that just what Mozilla shows
>in View Source? (Mozilla will show <html><body></body></html> when
>there is *no output at all* from the web server.)

That would explain why the tags dissapear when I put print statements in index.php to try to figure out where it's dying.

>>     * Installation directory: /var/www/internal/wiki
>>     * Script URI path:

Ahh, that's interesting.... but seems ok.

>> ...which I dutifully do, resulting the aforementioned blank page.  I'd
>> debug it if I could find *any* info on how to turn on debugging, or
>> where debugging messages go to L  certainly nothing is going in the
>> webserver logs.
>You could set $wgDebugLogFile = "/tmp/wikilog"; or such. (Must be
>writable by the web server.)

Where? Index.php?

>> Anyone seen this before?  Is it a database thing?
>We've had vague reports which no developer has been able to reproduce,
>and nobody experiencing it has debugged it themselves. :(

I'll do the suggested stuff/  Would it help if I posted the files you mention to the list for examination? Do you have examples of "different page/special page/edit page" in an empty wiki, like the direct URL that I can type in?

>Check that everything in LocalSettings.php is correct.  Check the
>hostname. Check the paths. Check the permissions on the directories.
>Check that the mysql user account was set up and that you can log in
>with those settings. Use a packet sniffer, the "Live HTTP headers"
>extension for Firefox, or just telnet to port 80 to poke at it and see
>exactly what it returns. Try different pages. Try special pages. Try
>edit pages. Try changing the $wgArticlePath to "$wgScript?title=$1".
>Try stepping through with a debugger. Try adding die("Got to this
>point") statements all over the place until you see where it stops.
>Check your PHP configuration. (Any non-standard settings? Safe mode?
>File open limitations? Etc?) Try running the script from the command
>line. Try turning error reporting settings up or down.
>-- brion vibber (brion @ pobox.com)
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