[Mediawiki-l] Linux install == blank page

Mike Dickson mdickson at entechnologies.ca
Wed Apr 21 21:04:35 UTC 2004

Hi All


I have run through the install process on my Debian box using the web
installer thing, and all I get for my troubles is a blank page...well
not entirely blank, it contains the following:




The install process seems to work OK, it indicates success and
everything.  I've just run it again so I could copy and paste the info I
get back, and the same thing happens.  Here is what I see:


MediaWiki 1.2.4 installation

Checking environment...


    * PHP 4.3.3 ok

    * PHP server API is apache; ok, using pretty URLs

    * Have zlib support; enabling output compression.

    * Found ImageMagick: /usr/bin/convert; image thumbnailing will be
enabled if you enable uploads.

    * Installation directory: /var/www/internal/wiki

    * Script URI path:

    * Connected to database... 4.0.18-log; enabling MySQL 4 enhancements

    * Database wikidb exists

    * There are already MediaWiki tables in this database. Checking if
updates are needed...


...ipblocks is up to date.

...already have interwiki table

...indexes seem up to 20031107 standards

...have linkscc table.

...have hitcounter table.

Initialising "MediaWiki" namespace...


Setting up....Done



Writing to MediaWiki:All_messages



    * Finished update checks.


      Creating LocalSettings.php...


      Success! Move the LocalSettings.php file into the parent
directory, then follow this link to your wiki.


...which I dutifully do, resulting the aforementioned blank page.  I'd
debug it if I could find *any* info on how to turn on debugging, or
where debugging messages go to :-(  certainly nothing is going in the
webserver logs.


Anyone seen this before?  Is it a database thing?



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