[Mediawiki-l] How do I adjust the time on my Wiki?

Tim Pritlove tim at ccc.de
Mon Apr 12 20:46:13 UTC 2004

Can anybody describe how time is actually handled by MediaWiki?

- where is the current time taken from?
- how does wgLocalTZoffset relate to that time?
- how is daylight saving time integrated?

I would expect that I set up my server to provide UTC and MediaWiki to 
handle all time as UTC internally as well. So wgLocalTZoffset is an 
offset that is added on output.

On the other hand, shouldn't be this a user setting?


On 12.04.2004, at 22:19, Jason Smithson wrote:

> On Mon, Apr 12, 2004 at 08:08:53PM +0200, Tom Veidt wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Just installed a Wiki a few days ago, works fine so far, but the time 
>> is
>> set to GMT, but since this is a German Wiki most of my visitors would
>> probably prefer CET. :) How would I be able to adjust the time
>> Wiki-wide? (not just via user preferences)
> In LocalSettings.php add:
> $wgLocalTZoffset    = "-5";
> Adjust the value for CET obviously :)
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