[Mediawiki-l] TeX-rendered formulae look "ugly"

Simon Veith simonv at web.de
Thu Apr 8 15:32:56 UTC 2004


I've managed to setup TeX with my local wiki (MediaWiki 1.2.3). 
At first, it worked (almost) fine, but some formulae couldn't be rendered,
some could. 
I tried to "fix" this by using newer versions of tetex & co, but this didn't
solve the problem.
But now I have another problem: The generated TeX-PNGs look ugly, compared
to those that were created before I changed to the new versions. Examples
(generated from <math>1234{,}56</math>):

>From my wiki:
>From Wikipedia:

Switching back to the old version of tetex didn't help; it must be some
setting deep in some configuration file.
Has anyone got a clue?

Thanks in advance
Simon Veith

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