[Mediawiki-l] max_user_connections <-> 20 simultaneous MySQL connections <-> delayed inserts

Joachim Schiele js at dune2.de
Fri Apr 2 20:35:02 UTC 2004

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dear wiki list,
i got this problem as described in the mail below which i marked as reply. can 
someone please give me advice here?

thanks very much so far - wiki is running - except this thing - well with 
sourceforge ;-)

Joachim Schiele

Where can i change the code to not have the delaying code?
The problem is that the wiki goes offline for over a few hours sometimes :P

> Dear sf team, 
> we got much problems with the mysql server because 
> sometimes it's not responding as expected - so not 
> working. We are working with a wiki* which has a mysql 
> backend and it happened 3 times last week that it didn&#039;t 
> work. I think  it's because of the mysql service overload. 
> *mediawiki from the wikipedia 
> If i try to create a backup i get: 
> [qknight at sc8-pr-shell1 mysql_backup]$ ./backup.sh 
> mysqldump: Got error: 1203: User lmuse@ has already 
> more than "max_user_connections" active connections 
> when trying to connect 
> seems to me as if there is some 'overload'
> What wrong here? Normaly the wiki does it's work quite 
> nice. 
> Thank you very much, 
> Joachim Schiele 

> ----------------------------------------------------------------------

> Comment By: Jacob Moorman (moorman)
> Date: 2004-04-02 12:42

> Greetings,

> We permit up to 20 simultaneous MySQL connections per
> project at a time.  This is mainly to prevent abuse. 
> Something your application is doing (or one of the other
> scripts you run) must be causing threads to hang.  Chances
> are high that it is delayed inserts.  Please remove the
> delayed clause from all of your queries (or otherwise
> disable delayed ops via flag if your application provides one).

> Should you require further assistance from the
> SourceForge.net team, please add a comment to this request.

> Thank you,

> Jacob Moorman
> Quality of Service Manager, SourceForge.net
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