[Mediawiki-l] Forbidding anonymous edits in MediaWiki?

Selva selva at thescian.com
Fri Apr 2 02:35:10 UTC 2004

I am working on setting up a community portal. Your thoughts on wiki 
are very encouraging and wise.
thank you for sharing.

On Apr 1, 2004, at 6:58 PM, Evan Prodromou wrote:

>>>>>> "EP" == Evan Prodromou <evan at wikitravel.org> writes:
>     EP> But also: what's to stop your disruptive visitor from creating
>     EP> a user account? Or another user account, when you block that
>     EP> one? And another? How much time has been saved, over simply
>     EP> rolling back edits?  And now there's just one, or a few,
>     EP> people who are able to take active measures... meaning things
>     EP> get out of hand faster.
> I forgot to mention one more thing: once you start taking these
> technological steps, you change the focus of the problem from the
> unwanted _edits_, to the unwanted _editor_.
> Someone who's been told they're not wanted will either a) walk away
> dejectedly, b) learn an important lesson about themselves, or c) do
> everything in their power to prove that YOU are wrong for rejecting
> them.
> If you concentrate on the problem edits, there's a chance that a
> compromise can still be reached. If you concentrate on the problem
> editor, those chances go down precipitously.
> ~ESP
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