[Mediawiki-l] Range blocks help

Dan Carlson minutiaeman at st-minutiae.com
Thu Apr 1 19:34:22 UTC 2004

I've had a problem user who's been ignoring (or not receiving) any and 
all attempts to contact him/her in the past two weeks.  We've decided, 
after some discussion, to try a 48-hour block to see if that catches 
their attention.  However, this person is using a floating IP address, 
that can be anywhere in the 64.107.*.* range.  I've used the [[meta: 
Range blocks]] page to block all pages in the 64.107.0.* address range, 
but that's not enough.

How can I block all addresses in the 64.107.*.* range?  (I've already 
checked the IP address identity; it's a local ISP and not a major 
national chain or anything like AOL.)

Dan Carlson

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