[MediaWiki-announce] MediaWiki 1.4.0 released

Brion Vibber brion at pobox.com
Mon Mar 21 04:21:40 UTC 2005

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MediaWiki 1.4.0 is the first official stable release in the 1.4 series.
All new installations are highly recommended to use 1.4.0 instead of
1.3.x; 1.3.x users should consider upgrading for bug fixes and new features.

1.4 beta or release candidate users should upgrade to this release.

See the release notes (link below) for a fuller list of changes from the
previous 1.3.x series and installation notes.

Changes since 1.4rc1:

* (bug 65) Fix broken interwiki link encoding on Latin-1 wikis;
~  force to UTF-8
* (bug 563) Fix UTF-8 interwiki URL redirects via Latin-1 wikis
* (bug 1536) Fix page info
* Support os (Ossetic) as language code, using Russian localization base
* (bug 1610) Support non (Old Norse) as language code, using Icelandic
~  localization base
* (bug 1618) Properly list custom namespaces in Special:Allpages
* (bug 1622) Remove trailing' >' when using category browser
* (bug 1570) Fix php 4.2.x error on conflict merging
* (bug 1585) Fix page title on post-login redirection page
* Run UTF-8 validation on old text in Recentchanges RSS diffs
* (bug 1642) fix a mime type typo in img_auth.php
* Automated interwiki redirects only for local interwikis
* Respect read-only mode on block removals
* Trim old illegal characters from syndication feeds
* Reduce message cache outage recovery delay from 1 day to 5 minutes
* (bug 1403) Update Finnish localization
* (bug 1478) Punjabi localization
* (bug 1667) Update script 5 second countdown.
* (bug 1057) Fix logging table encoding (error on MySQL 4.1)
* (bug 1680) Fix linktrail for fo
* (bug 1653) Removing hardcoded messages in Special:Allmessages
* (bug 1594) Render a hyphen in a formula as − in HTML
* (bug 1495) Fall back to default language MediaWiki: for custom
~  messages
* (bug 1617) Show different error messages for "user does not
~  exist" and "wrong password" when using AuthPlugin
* (bug 1532), (bug 1544) Changed language names for
~  'bn', 'bo', 'dv', 'dz', 'ht', 'ii', 'li', 'lo', 'ng', 'or', 'pa',
~  'si', 'ti', 've'
* Fix editing on non-Esperanto wiki with user language pref set to
~  Esperanto
* Make conversion table for zh-sg default to zh-cn, and zh-hk
~  default to zh-tw
* Fix PHP notice in MonoBook when counters disabled
* (bug 1696) Update namespaces, dates in uk localization
* (bug 551) Installer warns about magic_quotes_runtime and
~  magic_quotes_sybase instead of trying to install with corrupt
~  table files
* Installer no longer tries to move non-default MediaWiki: pages
~  into Template:
* User-to-user email disabled by default ($wgEnableUserEmail)

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