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John Andersson john.andersson at wikimedia.se
Wed Nov 30 16:15:20 UTC 2016

Hi Tim,

Thank you very much for your insights and the links. We will start looking
into MediaWiki-Vagrant shortly. :-)




2016-11-27 15:10 GMT+01:00 Tim Landscheidt <tim at tim-landscheidt.de>:

> John Andersson <john.andersson at wikimedia.se> wrote:
> > At Wikimedia Sverige we are working on the development of a new extension
> > called Wikispeech[1]. The aim is that Wikispeech will increase
> > accessibility to the information in Wikipedias articles for all the
> > millions of people that for different reasons has a hard time reading.
> > This is the first extension we are developing, and we have now reached a
> > point where it would be great to have a dev wiki installed on Labs that
> we
> > can experiment on. Is this something anyone could help us with?
> > Also, we are wondering if it is possible to put up services on Labs? We
> > would ideally like to have a TTS server there. Is that doable?
> > […]
> AFAICT it is now customary to develop MediaWiki extensions
> with MediaWiki-Vagrant.  I see that you already have a bare
> class role::wikispeech.  Usually, you would now add code to
> set up and launch any necessary servers, etc. in this class,
> so that not only other developers have the same environment,
> but this environment can be replicated in Labs by running
> MediaWiki-Vagrant there
> (cf. https://wikitech.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:MediaWiki-Vagrant_in_Labs).
> Then the wiki on this MediaWiki-Vagrant instance can easily
> be made publicly accessible.
> To start, you should request a new Labs project for Wiki-
> speech
> (cf. https://wikitech.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Getting_Started#
> Create_Projects),
> learn (by doing :-)) how to set up a MediaWiki-Vagrant in-
> stance and make it publicly accessible, but safe from spam-
> mers, and then enhance role::wikispeech so that it sets up
> the TTS server, etc.  The latter task can be daunting for
> developers new to Puppet, but the beauty of MediaWiki-Va-
> grant is that other, more experienced developers can help
> because they can easily set up the same environment as you.
> Tim
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