[Labs-l] Filesystem downtime to schedule [UPDATED]

Marc A. Pelletier marc at uberbox.org
Mon Jan 5 13:57:18 UTC 2015

On 14-12-31 12:11 PM, Marc A. Pelletier wrote:
> Provided there is a good consensus that the week is a better time than
> the weekend (I am guessing here that volunteer coders and users are more
> active during the weekend) then I would suggest starting the operation
> on Tuesday, January 13 at 18:00 UTC.  The period of downtime is expected
> to last until January 14, 18:00 UTC but may extend a few hours beyond that.

After collecting feedback, I am changing those dates to:

Start: Thursday, January 15 at 18:00 UTC
End:   Friday, January 16 at 18:00 UTC

There is some good news however, after some testing it would seem that 
my original estimates for the time to move the filesystem around may 
have been overly conservative and the copy may take less than 12 hours 
all told.  That said, I'm keeping the window to the full planned 24h to 
make allowances for unplanned delays and the possibility that 
performance is lower than expected on the live system.

Thank you all.

-- Marc

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