[Labs-l] Tool Labs migration status

Marc A. Pelletier marc at uberbox.org
Wed Mar 19 12:48:34 UTC 2014

That was "fun".

Hello, everyone.  The hard part of the migration is over for all but two

If you had not already migrated your tools manually during the migration
period that ended this Monday, the data for all your tools has now been
copied to the new datacenter, and your tools are ready to finish migrating.

There were more issues than expected during the automated migration,
however, so there may yet be kinks to work out for some tools.  I am
avaliable on #wikimedia-labs to help anyone running into difficulty.

== What you need to do ==

If you already migrated your tools by hand (using migrate-tool); you're
already done and there is nothing else to do.  Yeay you!


(a) log into tools-login.wmflabs.org which now points at the new
datacenter (your SSH client will certainly complain about the host key
having changed -- this is normal and expected since the host /has/ changed).

(b) run "finish-migration <tool>" from your user account for any tool
you had not yet migrated.  If your tool had any crontab(s) or databases
in the previous datacenter, this will restore them.

(c) check that everything is where you expect it to be.  As mentionned
in the previous emails, the user name of your tools will have changed -
including those it uses to connect to the databases.  If you had any of
those hardcoded in your code, you may need to revise them (the
replica.my.cnf has been automatically corrected, however, so if your
code reads the credentials from that then you're all set).

(d) if your tool had cron entries, they will currently be commented out.
 Edit your crontab and uncomment them as apropriate.

(e) if your tool had a web interface, you will need to start your
webservice.  This usually just needs you to "webservice start" from the
tool account unless it relied on .htaccess files -- in which case you'll
need to tweak the configuration a bit as outlined at:


(f) All done.

== What next? ==

Things should settle back down to normality during the week.  If you run
into issues at any point, don't hesitate to ask for help on labs-l, or
on IRC.

There were a number of bug reports filed before and during migration.
My priority is to work through those for this and the next week.  If you
already reported issues, then they'll get attention soon.

For those of you who were surprised by the migration:  you should
subscribe to, and /read/, the labs-l mailing list!  It's low volume, and
every bit of important announcement about the Labs infrastructure goes

Thank you all for your patience and collaboration during migration.

-- Marc

[1] wikidata-analysis and wikitrends, that are still being copied over
and may take up to another day to complete given the large amount of
data to copy.

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