[Labs-l] Tools migration (final phase)

Marc A. Pelletier marc at uberbox.org
Fri Mar 14 14:11:18 UTC 2014

Hello everyone!

This coming Monday (Mar 17, 2014), the final phase of tools migration to
the new datacenter will complete.  If you have already migrated your
tools as explained in my previous email, then you have no specific
action to take; you're all done.  You can skip to the last section of
this message.

If you haven't still migrated your tools, there is still time!
Self-serve migration will continue to be possible until 15:00 UTC on
2004-03-17.  Doing so will minimize downtime for your tools.

== What happens Monday? ==

On Monday, logging to pmtpa instances will be disabled, and the
following things will take place for non-migrated tools:

- all crontabs will stop running
- all running jobs will be aborted (including webservices)
- all web tools will be halted

Following this, the domain names pointing to pmtpa will be moved to
eqiad; specifically: tools, tools-login, tools-dev, and tools-mail.  The
currently existing -eqiad names will remain.

Any tool that has /not/ begun migration by the cutoff time will then be
placed on a queue to me automatically migrated.  Please be aware that,
while the migration itself will take place, the tool will be left in
inactive state until intervention by one of its maintainers.

== Aftermath ==

All the data that was in /data/project and /home in pmtpa will be kept
for as long as possible, but the exact timeline is not known.  Migration
will have copied all of that data to eqiad (regardless of whether you
did it yourself or it was done automatically), but any changes in pmtpa
after migration will not have been.  If you find you are missing
something, please notify me as quickly as possible.

One of the side effects of moving domain names from one server to
another is that you will probably get SSH warnings about the server key
having changed when you connect to tools-login.wmflabs.org and
tools-dev.wmflabs.org.  This is expected, and not a cause for concern
(despite many SSH clients' phrasing being strongly worded).  Follow yoru
client's instructions about replacing the server key.

Thank you all for having made that migration relatively easy and painless!

-- Marc

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