[Labs-l] Yet more puppet changes coming on Monday

Andrew Bogott abogott at wikimedia.org
Fri Jun 6 17:13:48 UTC 2014

Since the puppet-3 puppetmaster seems to be working well, we'll be 
switching the client software on instances to version 3 as well.

On Monday all normal instances should upgrade themselves to version 3, 
and you won't notice.  (If you do notice, please let me know right 
away.)  I'll also modify the default trusty and precise image so that 
new instances use 3 from the start.

Instances that are running self-hosted puppet will be unaffected by this 
change until you update the local puppet repo in 
/var/lib/git/operations/puppet.  Once you've done that things should 
update and stabilize without any extra effort.

(...and, once this is all done, we can start using Trusty in earnest, as 
puppet dependencies were the main sticking point there.)


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