[Labs-l] Puppet master upgrade

Marc A. Pelletier marc at uberbox.org
Thu Jun 5 19:39:57 UTC 2014

Hello all,

We have (just now) upgraded the Lab's puppet masters to version 3; and
things seem to be going well.

In the past several months, members of the operations team and
volunteers[1] have done a _lot_ of work to ensure puppet manifests would
be compatible with puppet 3 and compare the result of one with the other
-- but there may yet be small edge cases we were not able to root out
during testing.

We expect that there will be very few if any discrepancies - and that
the fixes will be trivial when they are - but we rely on you to report
problems.  Please keep an eye on puppet's behaviour on instances you
administer, and report any oddities or problems you notice that did not
exist before.

Thanks a lot!

-- Marc

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