[Labs-l] Documentation of Labs projects

Andrew Bogott abogott at wikimedia.org
Mon Jul 21 15:40:56 UTC 2014

     Hello project admins!  (If you are strictly a Tools user you can 
ignore this email.)

     I've had some ongoing problems with project tracking.  Frequent 
questions come up like "Can user X join project Y?"  or "Is project Y 
even used for anything anymore?"  Answering these questions generally 
involves hunting down an individual admin, or guessing. I'd like us to 
move towards a future where questions like these are systematically 
documented for each project and can be gathered up into queries and such.

     With that problem in mind, Intern Dinu Sandaru has set up some 
structured project doc forms.  In addition to the simple description 
fields that have always been present for projects, we now have a bunch 
of other fields that should help with long-term project management and 

     Of course, all of this is only useful if those fields are filled in 
:)  Over the coming weeks Dinu will be contacting you directly to 
encourage you to populate your doc forms.  In the meantime, feel free to 
get a head start by visiting your project page (e.g. 
https://wikitech.wikimedia.org/wiki/Nova_Resource:Testlabs), click 'Edit 
Documentation', and fill in some of those blanks.  It should only take a 
few minutes.

     We also welcome your comments or suggestions on how better to word 
questions or which fields to add or remove.  And, as always, let me know 
if your project is defunct and can be deleted.



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