[Labs-l] Are you ready for the migration?

Diederik van Liere dvanliere at wikimedia.org
Tue Feb 11 21:39:02 UTC 2014


Are you a maintainer of one or more Labs instances? Please continue reading!

You might have heard about our efforts to move the Labs infrastructure from
our Tampa datacenter to our new datacenter in Ashburn. One thing that *you*
could do, is to make sure that all your instances are ready to migrate.

How? Glad you ask!

On your dev machine, run git clone
https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/labs/migration-assistant and make sure that
you have Python installed. Next, read the README.m for detailed

If everything goes well, you will get feedback per instance whether we
think it's ready to migrate or not. If you can think of more checks to run
then please feel free to submit a patch. If you have questions about this
tool please email me or find me on IRC, look for drdee.

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