[Labs-announce] Labs bastions ssh key changes (affects all non-toollabs users)

Yuvi Panda yuvipanda at gmail.com
Fri Jun 12 17:05:40 UTC 2015


In the ongoing effort to make labs more reliable, we're upgrading
Labs' bastion hosts to Debian Jessie, and disabling NFS on them all.
This means two things:

    1. On Monday June 15th 12:00 UTC, the ssh fingerprint of the labs
bastion (bastion.wmflabs.org) will change, and all active connections
via it will drop momentarily. The new keys are available at
    2. Other bastion domains (bastion2.wmflabs.org,
bastion3.wmflabs.org) will stop working then. I've been privately
emailing people who have been using those, and I'm pretty sure I got
them all.
    3. No more NFS on the bastion hosts, which means your current home
directory contents there will be 'missing'. They can be recovered for
you by a labs admin, but you shouldn't be having things in there

https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T95924 is the underlying task for this.


Yuvi Panda T

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