[Labs-announce] [Tools] Webservices no longer need .bigbrotherrc to stay up all the time

Yuvi Panda yuvipanda at gmail.com
Wed Jun 10 11:54:08 UTC 2015

Alternate subject:  .bigbrotherrc deprecation for webservices

Webservices once started should stay up. This was previously
accomplished via 'bigbrother', but that is no longer necessary. A
`webservice start` or similar command will now write a
'service.manifest' file in your tool's homedirectory, tracking the
type of webservice that you started. Every 10 seconds the web service
is checked, and if it's down, it's restarted automatically. This
system has actually been in effect for a month and a half already, and
all currently running webservices have a service.manifest file - you
should've seen way less 'this url is not serviced' errors in that time

Once https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#/c/214766/ is merged (will be
done shortly), all .bigbrotherrc files for webservices will be found
and removed manually. .bigbrotherrc files that are used for non
webservice jobs will stay that way for now.

Note: service.manifest files are managed by the 'webservice' command,
so they should not be edited manually. To change the webservice type,
simply run 'webservice stop', followed by 'webservice start' for the
correct webservice type.

tl;dr: Webservices will not need manual restarting again once they start up.

Yuvi Panda T

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