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Fri Feb 4 22:54:38 UTC 2011

At the risk of seeming like I'm doing shameless self-promotion, I would 
like to point out that the Wikipedia Campus Ambassador program is 
currently about 55% male and 45% female - a gender ratio that we are 
quite proud of.

I think this can also have very promising implications: Campus 
Ambassadors go into classrooms to teach students how to edit Wikipedia 
and also hold workshops/talks about Wikipedia for university staff and 
faculty; as such they're often seen as teacher/mentor figures, and it's 
likely very encouraging to the female students/staff/faculty to see that 
this role is taken on by fellow women. I have no data to back myself up 
on this particular point, but I think it's a reasonable hypothesis, and 
I would be very interested in helping out with research projects that 
explore this more.

Annie Lin
Campus Team Coordinator (Public Policy Initiative)
Wikimedia Foundation
alin at wikimedia.org <mailto:alin at wikimedia.org>

On 2/4/11 2:38 PM, Sarah Stierch wrote:
> I don't see any reason why we can't start reaching out to the 
> University Ambassadorship programs to perhaps invoke more female 
> involvement. "Women Who Wiki" (and this can be extended of course to 
> individuals who identify as women in any way)

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