[Foundation-l] On curiosity, cats and scapegoats

Sarah Stierch sarah.stierch at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 14:15:20 UTC 2011

> Does your feminism excludes necessity for sexual education?
No, but, I can send you some pictures on Commons that have been "speedy
keeps" of strippers with their legs spread wide because they are
"educational and high quality."

My boss, who is bound to have a baby any day now, can't open the pregnancy
article at work because the intro is NSFW our workplace. I can't open the
[[vagina]] article at work either, because of the really in your face photo
of a vagina when you open it up, however, I can totally read the intro to
[[penis]] since there isn't a big giant penis in one's face upon opening it.
I work in an educational environment (a museum institution, which has
exhibits on sexuality, gender, etc) and I can't even look at these articles
at work, take that as you will.

who is totally grossed out by that photo on the vagina article,
gahhhhhhhhhhh, surely she can't be the only one!

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