[Foundation-l] Wikipedia ideology

Peter Damian peter.damian at btinternet.com
Mon Oct 24 11:58:32 UTC 2011

> What license(s) will the book be released under?
> MZMcBride

Very funny :) 

I have just completed my book on Scotus, which will be submitted to 
the Catholic University Assocation Press next week.  Assuming it gets 
through their lengthy approval process,it will be published under 
whatever license they use - I imagine the 'evil' one.

So to for the Wikipedia book, but it is early days to 
approach a publisher.

If you ask why, I reply that no method has yet been devised 
to give attribution to the author of a work in a way that advances 
their career.  I will earn little or no money from either work, I 
imagine.  Note that Andrew Lih's book, which I have ordered 
from Waterstone's, is also under a standard copright license. 
At least I assume - I paid good money for it, because it 
was not available any other way.

However, I do publish material on my own website, 
the Logic Museum.  I fund this myself, and the translation work 
such as here


is published under a 'free' license. 

I don't get any formal recognition for this.  I do it because I want this 
material, which is very hard to get access to, even for subject matter 
experts, to be freely available to everyone on the planet.


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