[Foundation-l] On certain shallow, American-centered, foolish software initiatives backed by WMF

Fae fae at wikimedia.org.uk
Mon Oct 31 08:49:49 UTC 2011

> together" which needs to be applauded. The existing community, especially
> the hard-core who do a disproportionately large amount of the work, need to
> feel like they're not "part of the problem" but "part of the solution" in
> reversing the editor-numbers decline - and features like New Page Triage
> (and/or others like it) are a brilliant way of doing this, IMHO.
> -Liam

Thanks Liam. Minor clarification, I'm fairly hard-core as a Wikipedia
editor and I do not feel I am "part of the problem" as I, along with
the majority of high level contributors do a reasonable job of
welcoming new editors. I don't see this as an "us and them" scenario.


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