[Foundation-l] On certain shallow, American-centered, foolish software initiatives backed by WMF

Hubert hubert.laska at gmx.at
Sun Oct 30 14:24:08 UTC 2011

One problem is that the word "Love" is used quite differently in the
German language. Even in Great Britain.

Love as a term is used in English in a fully inflated notion of flooding.

I have no idea what lovers say to each other in the U.S. when it comes
to really love.

Maybe they just grunt at each other only.

Please teach me U.S.-american social behavior.

The expression "Wikilove" will trigger only incomprehension and headshaking.


Am 29.10.2011 00:16, schrieb Erik Moeller:
> On Fri, Oct 28, 2011 at 3:00 PM, Teofilo <teofilowiki at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Now we are seeing the appearance of a feedback tool on the English
>> Wikipedia ? How long are the non-English Wikipedias going to be free
>> from this new stupid tool which has nothing to do with writing an
>> encyclopaedia ?
> In addition to English Wikipedia, WikiLove has been enabled on Arabic
> Wikipedia, Hebrew Wikipedia, Hindi Wikipedia, Hungarian Wikipedia,
> Macedonian Wikipedia, Malayalam Wikipedia, Norwegian Wikipedia,
> Portuguese Wikipedia, Swedish Wikipedia, Oriya Wikipedia, Chinese
> Wikipedia, MediaWiki.org and Commons.
> So, WikiLove is spreading. Maybe one day it will even come to German
> Wikipedia. I'm guessing 2020. ;-)

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