[Foundation-l] the choice of what is going to be developed is very much a management issue;

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> Hoi,
> There are a few issues:
>   - the choice of what is going to be developed is very much a management
>   issue; what gets priority and why
>   - there are always people who object to any project because they are of
>   the opinion that something else should  be considered to be more relevant
>   - when something is developed FOR a specific project, giving that
>   project the option to opt out once it is developed defeats the objective
> of
>   the functionality; such a decision is very much taken at the start of the
>   project
>   - I know that a thread like this is read. Good proposals are considered
>   when they stand out as such. Personally I like the notion of leaving a
>   message as the first option..
>   - I positively hate talk pages, prefer not to use them. I am a seasoned
>   Wikimedian and when people like me are this negative about talk pages,
> then
>   the notion that they are good / usable / can be left alone is suspect.
>   - have you considered that many of the advanced functionalities used in
>   the English Wikipedia are actually REALLY problematic in other languages
> -
>   ease of use, even dumbing down is in my opinion acceptable when this
> grows
>   our editor community in our projects other then the English Wikipedia
>   - I am known for my hobby horses; working for the "Localisation team"
>   allows me to be part of much good work. However, there are still many
>   things that are not going to be developed any time soon that I rate
> highly
> Thanks,
>        GerardM
Hoi Gerard,

Well spoken. "the choice of what is going to be developed is very much a
management issue" or at least it is where that development is paid for as
opposed to done by volunteers. So whether that choice is made by the
community or by the Foundation is not only important because the community
would probably make better decisions about the relative priority of various
potential developments. Ultimately this is about whether the community self
manages where that works and uses the Foundation where that doesn't. Or
whether the Foundation manages the community, but allows some limited local


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