[Foundation-l] Show community consensus for Wikilove

Fae fae at wikimedia.org.uk
Sun Oct 30 09:55:34 UTC 2011

On 30 October 2011 08:06, Oliver Keyes <scire.facias at gmail.com> wrote:
> Surely making it only available to those users who understand markup
> completely undermines one of the great unintended consequences - that it's
> really useful for posting talkpage messages?

I did not equate "users with 10 edits" with those that understand
markup, these are different things. My use of the word "template" is
generic, in that Wikilove provides standard templates for user talk
pages, this does not imply anything about the ability of users to
understand wiki markup or html.

Apologies if my language was not plain enough to avoid
misinterpretation in unexpected ways.


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