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Forwarding  from Maarten Zeinstra (who is not subscribed to this list, I've
cc'd him):

I am not part of a European Wikimedia chapter. However, I am part of the
Europeana R&D team on intellectual property. Europeana published its Public
Domain Charter about a year ago and is steadily working towards unlocking
more and more public domain work. However this is not all they/we did. Other
things our team was involved in that are relevant for this list and where
Europeana deserves credit are:

Helping in developing the Creative Commons Public Domain Mark.
Wikimedia Commons is also a big adopter of this. The mark is not a license,
but helps identify works that are in the public domain. It exposes them to
the same technologies for search engines as the rest of the Creative Commons
licenses, making them more easily findable.

Making rights statements mandatory.
On the Europeana.eu <http://europeana.eu/> portal site you can search
through 20 million objects of European HCI's. It is now also mandatory to
mark these with a rights statement. We will see that in the coming year a
lot of these rights statements will appear when institutions update their
object information. (either 4 flavors of all rights reserved, all creative
commons licenses including CC0 and PDM).

Publishing their entire metadata record under CC0
At the moment most communities cannot work with the API of Europeana due to
strict licensing terms. Europeana will switch to CC0 by july 2012. This took
a lot of work convincing all these institutions to allow their metadata to
be freely available. I am looking forward to all the tools that can be
developed once this happens.

So Europeana is not only an ally of the public domain in terms of their
policy, their actions are probably more important.

BTW You can search CC and PDM works on Europeana through the search platform
of Creative Commons: search.creativecommons.org


Maarten Zeinstra

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On 25 October 2011 10:30, emijrp <emijrp at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear all;
> Looks like we have a big ally in the digitisation of public domain content
> issue[1]:
> "The Europeana Foundation has published a policy statement, the Public
> Domain Charter, to highlight the value of public domain content in the
> knowledge economy. It alerts Europe's museums, libraries, archives and
> audiovisual collections to the fact that digitisation of Public Domain
> content does not create new rights in it."
> Are European Wikimedia chapters working on this with Europeana?
> Oh, surprise! Not an European museum but The Israel Museum (remember the
> Dead Sea Scroll digitisaton?[2]) is a project partner.[3]
> Regards,
> emijrp
> [1] http://www.version1.europeana.eu/web/europeana-project/publications
> [2]
> http://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/foundation-l/2011-September/068980.html
> [3]
> http://www.version1.europeana.eu/web/europeana-project/project-partners
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