[Foundation-l] Letter to the community on Controversial Content

Andreas Kolbe jayen466 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 17 02:24:40 UTC 2011

For reference, the resolution said: 

	* We ask the Executive Director, in consultation with the community, to develop and implement a personal image hiding feature that will enable readers to easily hide images hosted ***on the projects*** that they do not wish to view, either when first viewing the image or ahead of time through preference settings. We affirm that no image should be permanently removed because of this feature, only hidden; that the language used in the interface and development of this feature be as neutral and inclusive as possible; that the principle of least astonishment for the reader is applied; and that the feature be visible, clear and usable on ***all Wikimedia projects*** for both logged-in and logged-out readers.

This doesn't look like Commons is exempt from that, but perhaps the Board might like to clarify that point.


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>2011/10/17 Andreas Kolbe <jayen466 at yahoo.com>:
>> Commons featured prominently in the Harris study, as well as the board resolution on controversial content.
>Indeed, but featured curation on Commons, not filtering Commons. IMHO
>the filter discussion should concentrate on the other projects and
>treat Commons differently and separately.

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