[Foundation-l] Controversial Content vs Only-Image-Filter

Tobias Oelgarte tobias.oelgarte at googlemail.com
Sun Oct 16 09:53:27 UTC 2011

In the last weeks i hold myself back and watched over the comments at 
multiple places to see what is the current development. At first i have 
to point out that I'm very disappointed by the current progress. Sue 
called for a more general discussion. Ting stated again, like in 
Nürnberg, that it is already decided. That is controversial in itself 
and can't lead to a constructive discussion.

That aside, I looked at the various comments and the "brainstorming" 
pages. It is really boring to look at them, since 99% of the comments 
miss the point. There are a whole lot of comments regarding how the 
image filter should look like. That are all comments/suggestions not 
related to the fundamental questions. But they only serve to disrupt the 
thought progress, ignoring anything aside how it should look like, and 
even ignoring the basic complaints (non-neutral categorization).

The first question should be: Is controversial content a problem for the 

Some might now say "yes" or "no". But I'm not interested in this 
answers. I'm also not interested in single examples. I'm interested in 
whole view and sources that speak in general about this question.

If we might come to the conclusion that there is a general (not 
specific) problem, then we might talk about the image filter and if it 
can be a solution to that problem.


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