[Foundation-l] [Wikimedia Announcements] General Assembly of Wikimedia Argentina

Gustavo Carrancio gustavocarra at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 18:38:20 UTC 2011

Hi, Patricio!
Congratulations to WM-AR. I just want to say some words to acknowlege the
amazing work of the former Secretary, Barcenilla. He has been a masterpiece
in the now flourishing Wikimedia Movement in the spanish-talking world. Now
we are enjoying his silent work and legacy, and all I can say is thaks,
Carlos. We shall never forgive you, and you know that you can tell me my

Best wishes, Carlos.

2011/10/11 Patricio Lorente <patricio.lorente en gmail.com>

> Dear friends, I'm glad to announce that last saturday Wikimedia
> Argentina held its General Assembly. As a result of the Assembly, a new
> board was elected and the annual plan for 2012 was approved. The new
> board is:
> President: Patricio Lorente
> VicePresident: Galileo Vidoni
> Secretary: Ivana Lysholm
> Vicesecretary: Nicolás Georgetti
> Treasurer: Leandro Ferrari
> Vicetreasurer: Patricio Molina
> Members: Nahuel Kahles, Lila Pagola, Evelin Heidel
> Alternate members: Mariano Pérez, Beatrice Murch
>                  Patricio Lorente on behalf of Wikimedia Argentina
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