[Foundation-l] David Cameron's opt-in filter, Parentport (UK)

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Also in today's Guardian:


ISPs moved quickly to insist that the provisions will only apply to people taking out completely new contracts, who will be offered the choice of a connection with "parental controls", or one without. "Customers will have to choose one or the other, but we won't be making either one the default," said a source at one of the ISPs. A spokesperson for TalkTalk said: "This is called 'active choice' rather than an opt-in or opt-out." People who change to a different tier of connection within the same service will not be obliged to change the setting. BT said that new customers will be offered a package of parental control systems, provided by the security company McAfee.

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In the news today:


"The Prime Minister will unveil Parentport, an online complaints site targeted at mothers and fathers who have concerns about their children being exposed to inappropriate material.Parents will be able to lodge complaints about specific cases at the site, triggering an Ofcom investigation."


"Subscribers to four of the UK's biggest internet service providers will have to "opt in" if they want to view sexually explicit websites, as part of government-sponsored curbs on online pornography."

It is worth noting here that the opt-in filter to be installed by BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin uses the expression "opt-in" in exactly the opposite way that we have used it in relation to the image filter.

- In relation to the Wikimedia image filter, "opt-in" means the default is unfiltered, and the user can opt in to filtering.
- In relation to BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin, "opt-in" means that the default is filtered, and the user can opt in to view pornography.

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