[Foundation-l] Letter to the community on Controversial Content

Béria Lima berialima at gmail.com
Mon Oct 10 12:06:49 UTC 2011

Julius, I do understand your feelings (believe me: I do) but screaming and
offend the board (Like call them "highly confused and amateur") will not
help you in your cause.

I do understand your anger against the board and their decision (even
because your wiki decided to NOT have the filter.) but I think is better to
try solve that with discussion first, and after - as a last change - you can
start a war if you want.

Please note that the board didn't said yet (and I hope they never say) that
they will placed any filter in all wikis. I do agree that a statement saying
they will not impose the filter in wikis who voted against (fr and de so
far) would be better, but lest work with what we have now.
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On 10 October 2011 13:00, Julius Redzinski <julius.redzinski em hotmail.de>wrote:

> That can't be meant serious anymore. You first make a Board decision and
> then
> want to research how big the problem is or if it at all exists, after you
> already made
> the decision about the solution? The Board seems to act on a highly
> confused
> and amateur level ... it is not to understand anymore what is going on
> there.
> On such a decision the Board should have before making any decision
> researched
> really what raeders expect and want and this with empathy for different
> regions and
> the understanding that germany maybe has different needs than the arabic
> room and
> that a making them all the same is not a good idea, and not empathic at
> all. Before a
> Board decision there would have been to be a poll that really ask the right
> questions,
> not this fake thing with no impact at all. The way the Board acted on this
> and now not
> even says "yes, we fucked it up, we take the decision back and start at
> point zero
> again" is a shame for teh complete Wikimedia world and community.
> Second last point: Give back to the editors the responsibility to amke the
> choice how the can
> present their educational content to the readers. That is no Board
> decision. If a
> community says we don't need the filter, then the Board doesn't know any
> better
> about the needs and wishes of teh users of this project and shouldn't act
> into it
> this way.
> Last point: The Board should start fisrt thinking and then deciding. It
> would reduce much
> the danger of splitting the communities an the Wikipedias. The Board seems
> a little
> bit too american, first shooting by feeling threatend and then asking ...
> That is not
> the way the Board should work. So act responsible and take back the
> decision
> until a really good decision process would have been made through ...
> Julius Redzinski (de:Julius1990)
> > On 10.10.2011 13:24, wrote Ting:
> >
> > Hello Fae,
> >
> > thank you very much for pointing this out. Yes, I think you indeed hit
> > the nail. We discussed this problem on our meeting and Sue provided some
> > plans on how to work on this problem. I am normally reluctant to comment
> > what the staff is doing or what they are planning to do, because this
> > often can be seen as an intervening of the staff activity. But I think
> > it is ok for me to spoil this a bit now: So Sue suggests a two step
> > approach. In the first step we will only collect reader reactions on
> > images, to see if there is a problem at all, how big is the problem, and
> > where are the problems. And on a second step, when we have those data
> > and can work out an understanding of it, then we can go on to work out
> > dedicated solutions for the problems, as I said in my letter, together
> > with the community.
> >
> > Greetings
> > Ting
> >
> > On 09.10.2011 23:55, wrote Fae:
> > > Hi Ting,
> > >
> > > Thanks for explaining the position of the board in your own words. I
> > > appreciate the board is listening. I am concerned that you state that
> > > the board is acting from "belief", I recommend you consider how this
> > > can move to proposing a strategy based on facts and non-controversial
> > > analysis.
> > >
> > > I suspect that any proposal for change will be strongly resisted and
> > > continue to divide our community until well understood and well
> > > communicated facts underpin the board's resolution rather than
> > > personal belief.
> > >
> > > Cheers,
> > > Fae
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