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On 09/13/2011 08:06 AM, Liam Wyatt wrote:
> Is that a new feature or was it always there and I just didn't
> notice it?

It's a fairly new feature of the mobile re-write.

> If it's a new feature, was it enabled as a result these recent 
> discussions or was it just by chance?

Just a feature, not connected to image filter discussions AFAIK.
Especially for mobile connections with a tiny bandwidth.

> Is there any stats (or plans to collect stats) on how many people
> chose this option and what kind of mobile device they are browsing
> from?

Since it's mainly used for other purposes, I don't think it'd serve as
an adequate estimate of how many people want to hide offending images.
Also, people might disable images by accident (it happens to me all the
time, that I click on the wrong link on such a small display *g*).

I don't know if there are stats, though.

> Since the "disable images" function is already working, would it be 
> useful to trial a subtle link to that function on the normal 
> (non-mobile) site for a couple of weeks? Place it right down the 
> bottom next to the tiny "privacy policy, about, disclaimers, mobile 
> view" links? This would not be intrusive and we could see, through 
> this most-subtle of links, whether anyone takes us up on the offer. 
> If we find that more people click on the feature than expected then 
> that would potentially justify making the feature more prominent 
> (either in the toolbox, integrated into the "filter" software, as a 
> user-preference etc.)?

There are proposals that are less inconvenient for the reader.
Take for example this implementation:
(Example image of German WP article "Penis"


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