[Foundation-l] Given that we have won, can we turn Italian Wikipedia back on now?

Jalo jalo75 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 6 07:43:40 UTC 2011

> > http://www.linkiesta.it/wikipedia-law
> >
> > It'd be nice to have Italian Wikipedia back up as people are waking up
> > in Italy.
> >
> /me claps
> Good show, Italy.  Knowledge is free.
> --
> ~Keegan

Not so easy. Yesterday an amendment has been officially proposed, not
approved. It will be discussed into the parliament camera, then into the
parliament senate. Only if both will accept it without modifications it'll
be valid.

Also, the government may ask for trust at the parliament about this law, and
in the case it will be approved in its original form, without amendments.

Maybe your countries are more slender, but in Itlay we are very very

That's simply a step, not the goal

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