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I'm sorry for breaking the thread, I'm reading the link via the website so I
don't have a previous post to reply to.

About Theo's question:

> I am sure other people can fill in, but I heard there has been some
> within the parliament in reaction. They are reconsidering a portion of
> law that might affect us, or so I have been told.
> http://www.rainews24.rai.it/it/news.php?newsid=157111
> Can someone clarify?

Modifications have been proposed (by various members of the parliament),
most of them want to modify the law in order to affect only online
newspapers and news websites that requires prior registration under the
Italian law (i.e. those with an editor in chief and that are already
affected by the law in their paper/video form).

You can find the proposed amendments here (Italian only, sorry)


looking for the words "comma 29".

About emijrp post in the other thread:

> When people reuse content in other websites/blogs/etc, they have to copy
> article text and link to Italian Wikipedia where you can check the entire
> history and authors. That is how attribution is given. It is explained
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Reusing_Wikipedia_content
> Now, most of all the attributions to Italian Wikipedia contents on the
> Internet are broken.

If you dig the archives of this list, back when the license change was
implemented, you can see tons of debate about that issue.


PS: I'm sorry if my wiki* username is missing, but I don't want to associate
this e-mail address (and my name) to my account

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