[Foundation-l] Blackout at Italian Wikipedia

Craig Franklin craig at halo-17.net
Wed Oct 5 12:12:29 UTC 2011

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> The Wikimedia Foundation first heard about this a few hours ago: we don't
> have a lot of details yet. Jay is gathering information and working on a
> statement now.
> It seems obvious though that the proposed law would hurt freedom of
> expression in Italy, and therefore it's entirely reasonable for the Italian
> Wikipedians to oppose it. The Wikimedia Foundation will support their
> position.
> The question of whether blocking access to Wikipedia is the best possible
> way to draw people's attention to this issue is of course open for debate
> and reasonable people can disagree. My understanding is that the decision
> was taken via a good community process. Regardless, what's done is done,
> for
> the moment.
> Thanks,
> Sue

Of late I've often round reasons to be critical of the choices the WMF has
made, but in this case you've made the best choice possible - supporting the
community on it.wikipedia in a decision that they've come to as a group,
even though that decision is controversial in some places.  Bravo Sue, and
Bravo WMF.


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