[Foundation-l] Blog from Sue about censorship, editorial judgement, and image filters

Phil Nash phnash at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat Oct 1 17:44:49 UTC 2011

David Levy wrote:
> MZMcBride wrote:
>> I'd forgotten all about Toby. That was largely a joke, wasn't it?
> Do not try to define Toby.  Toby might be a joke or he might be
> serious.  Toby might be watching over us right now or he might be a
> bowl of porridge.  Toby might be windmills or he might be giants.
> Don't fight about Toby.  Let Toby be there.  Toby loves us.  Toby
> hates us.  Toby always wins.
> David Levy

Toby or not Toby? Is that the question?

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