[Foundation-l] deleting old versions of fair-use files

Ting Chen wing.philopp at gmx.de
Tue May 31 12:41:57 UTC 2011

Hello Amir,

on zh-wp we delete the old version. The old version is no more used at 
all, and thus no more fair to keep them. Still provide them so that 
users can find them and copy them looks for me like distributing copy 
violated content.


On 31.05.2011 08:16, wrote Amir E. Aharoni:
> 2011/5/31 Michael Snow<wikipedia at frontier.com>:
>> On 5/30/2011 2:32 PM, Amir E. Aharoni wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> There's a bit of discussion about deleting old versions of fair-use
>>> files in the Hebrew Wikipedia and it may be interesting to other
>>> projects as well.
>>> The main questions is: Should old versions of fair-use files be
>>> deleted? The two main points that support the deletion are that it
>>> saves space on the server and that keeping a version of a non-free
>>> file violates the fair use policy, because the old version of the
>>> image can be viewed, but is not actually used in any relevant article.
>> I just want to see if I understand this correctly. Is this a reference
>> to files where the current revision is included in some article based on
>> a fair use rationale, but the file also has earlier versions that are
>> not so used?
> Yes, that's exactly what i referred to.
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