[Foundation-l] Scheduled intermittent downtime on all Wikimedia projects on May 24

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Wed May 25 14:08:20 UTC 2011

The measure is "impact to users", not "revenue losses"...

Access to Wikimedia is ubiquitous - it pops up in other tools, it's linked
from other sites, it's used to track events of interest to the reader, it's
used for work, leisure, projects, and social activities.  Imagine people
browsing google.com, apple.com, microsoft.com, and suddenly for an extended
period getting "server not found" with nothing more of explanation, no
details, no idea when they can use the site again (minutes? days?) or if it
will repeat. The impact is similar for Wikimedia's readers.


On Wed, May 25, 2011 at 2:50 PM, Domas Mituzas <midom.lists at gmail.com>wrote:

> > Wikipedia going down without a temporary explanation page is roughly of
> the
> > same scale as apple.com going down with no explanation, google.com going
> > down with no explanation, microsoft.com going down with no explanation,
> and
> > so on.
> Microsoft revenue: $62B (though you should look at their internet division
> losses)
> Google revenue: $29B
> Apple revenue: $62B
> Wikimedia revenue: ???
> Tech staffing and such is somewhat proportional :)
> Oh, by the way, I don't know where you look, but I somewhat missed
> communication about maintenance events ongoing in Google or Microsoft or
> Apple - you think they have none?
> Did you get lots of clarification why your gmail was unreachable?
> Did you get explanation/information why search index was outdated?
> Do they use site-wide sitenotices for that or what?
> > "Top 5 website" means we have that kind of use, perception, stature --
> and a
> > similar scale of response within the general public if it suddenly
> doesn't
> > work.  Most members of the public do not have the insight you or I would.
> *shrug*, would be interesting if anyone would actually explain policies of
> other website incident handling.
> Domas
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