[Foundation-l] Interesting legal action

MZMcBride z at mzmcbride.com
Sat May 21 20:33:27 UTC 2011

Sarah wrote:
> I'm increasingly wondering whether we should be hosting any BLPs, because
> these are often difficult decisions to make -- at which point there is
> legitimate public interest in a person's private life -- and they can't be
> reached thoughtfully in an open-editing environment.

I think anyone who has been in the "BLP trenches" has had the same thought.
The reality is that an encyclopedia without a "Barack Obama" article or a
"Nelson Mandela" article really isn't a general reference encyclopedia, or
at least isn't a very good one. The issue is making a reasonable distinction
between those types of individuals and everyone else.

Personally, I'm not particularly concerned about this biography as it has
plenty of people watching it at the moment and for the foreseeable future.
The same is true of "Arnold Schwarzenegger" and "Dominique Strauss-Kahn" and
many others. It's the much lower profile biographies of living people that
are the real concern.


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