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Waldir Pimenta waldir at email.com
Fri May 13 00:08:45 UTC 2011

Nice ideas. For reference, here are the current usage options of enwp.org:

And here are a few ideas to extend that (in transparent ways):


On Wed, May 11, 2011 at 8:22 PM, Nihiltres <wiki.nihiltres at gmail.com> wrote:

> (Please pardon my not quoting earlier emails)
> I think a URL shortener is a great idea if we can make it work right.
> We do need, however, to sort out our issues, e.g. the following list:
> *Choice of domain name(s) (or a TLD)
> **Acquisition of domain name(s)
> **Registration of TLD (if applicable)
> **Maintenance and admin. of the above, including costs
> **Length of domain name/TLD
> *Implementation of URL shortening
> **Namespacing for projects/languages
> **Whether to encode pagenames/IDs/etc.
> **How to encode pagenames/IDs/etc.
> I'm not particularly familiar with the process for TLDs, and I don't
> mind the choice of domain much as long as it's short, but I pondered
> Wikimedia URL shorteners one day and came up with the following system
> for a Wikimedia URL shortening service:
> *The domain wi.ki (at 5 characters, it's among the shortest, and is
> very obvious despite the problematic "wiki" vs. "Wikimedia" confusion)
> *First, a base 64 encoded ID number for project and language. This has
> the advantage of fitting up to 4096 projects before needing three
> characters, and would allow some of the most heavily-used wikis to use
> only one character for their ID. One potential snag is that we would
> want to substitute other characters for "a" and "A" in this area so
> that the URL didn't start with http://wi.ki/a/ and confuse us with
> Wikia.
> *Next, a slash to separate the project number from the page number.
> *Next, a base 64 encoded revision ID. By using the revision ID to
> determine the target page, we get around the problem of page-moves,
> and we could add the option of adding a control character (e.g. +) at
> the end to make a permanent link to that particular revision, an
> option that many proposals don't allow for.
> *An ideal implementation would allow one to prepend a control
> character to use a transparent link.
> Thus, we'd have links something like these:
> http://wi.ki/0/ZXh8g
> http://wi.ki/0/ZXh8g+
> http://wi.ki/0/+Foobar
> In the above examples, the first would go to [[w:en:Foobar]], the
> second to http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Foobar&oldid=425598752
> , and the third again to [[w:en:Foobar]] but in a more transparent
> way. "Foobar" might be a bad example, since the title itself is so
> short that encoding it doesn't save many characters.
> Nihiltres
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