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Aaron Adrignola aaron.adrignola at gmail.com
Wed May 11 02:11:16 UTC 2011

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> From: Waldir Pimenta <waldir at email.com>
> So, on one hand I can understand the resistance towards adding even more
> domains to that mix: the enwp.org would set a precedence for others in the
> same vein, and this would mean up to 7 (projects) * ~200 (languages)
> domains. Even if we assume only a handful of these would get enough demand
> to be registered, it could easily double or triple the number of domains
> currently managed by the WMF. In fact, if we assume only the .org domains I
> noted above (9 in total), adding the current shorteners I have knowledge of
> (enwp.org, frwp.org, enwn.net) means a 33% growth.
The above makes a good argument for registering wp.org, wb.org, and
wn.orgor whatever TLD.  That's a handful of domains and  various
languages simply
become subdomains.  I throw my voice behind enwp.org being a poor naming
convention and having too much administrative overhead with regards to the
other languages.  Because it won't stop at en.wikipedia; the other projects
and languages will want theirs as soon as Wikimedia sets the precedent.

A previous post suggested a new TLD such as .wmf but I have to mention that
it would be a bad idea, as outside of Wikimedia WMF stands for the
non-profit World Monuments Fund, for which that is actually an acronym and
not just shorthand: http://www.wmf.org

-- Adrignola

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