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Wed Jun 22 17:46:17 UTC 2011


Just to feed the troll:

1) Just because you don't remember doesn't mean your interpretation is true. Its not true, I was there (and haven't forgotten) and it isn't true. Please feel free to continue doubting me, but:
2) Honestly I don't see the relation to the EFF & BItcoins discussion, so:

Please continue doubting in private,or start a new thread if you feel that this is important enough to discuss separately (because you forgot…)

About the bit coins discussion:

Its interesting to see how an incident such as a hack of bit coins can affect the trust being placed in this currency. This brings interesting consequences with regards to Wikimedia donations being made possible in bitcpoins. In a way donations of bit coins are similar to donations in stock/shares (they both could fluctuate in value). That would mean that all things being equal we would simply accept a donation in bit coins and convert it to US Dollars (being a US foundation) to ensure that the donation would not lose value (also preventing any gain in value unfortunately)…. 

I have no say in this (we have much smarter people for that ;) , but I am not sure what value we would then add to the Bitcoins proposition… 


On Jun 22, 2011, at 7:14 PM, MZMcBride wrote:

> Michael Snow wrote:
>> I thought it was reasonably understandable, even without perfect
>> grammar, that Ting was saying that since Matt is no longer at Omidyar,
>> if your insinuation were true, when he left the foundation would have
>> needed to bring in someone new from Omidyar to fill "their" board seat.
>> I figured that out, and honestly I wasn't even aware until now that Matt
>> had left Omidyar.
> I'm not sure it counts as an insinuation if it's true. They bought a Board
> seat. Honestly, I don't remember much dispute about this point when it
> happened in 2009 and looking back at the press releases at the time, it
> doesn't seem as though anyone was trying to hide this point. My original
> comment was only to say that if someone else (another group or organization)
> were willing to put up $2 million or more, another Board seat would probably
> become available. It's not as though the Board is incapable of changing its
> own structure to meet outside demands.
> MZMcBride
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